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The following persons may apply for a St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ passport:

  1. who were born in St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)
  2. whose parents were born in SVG
  3. who have registered as citizens of SVG

Non-Nationals who are married to any of the above must register for citizenship before they may apply for a Vincentian passport - please see section “Other Consular Services” below passport icon for relevant information and guidance.

For security passports are issued centrally in SVG.  Since 2005 SVG has issued five (5) year, individual, electronic machine readable passports. Persons not resident in SVG should apply through their nearest Diplomatic Mission for onward transmission to Kingstown.

Please Note: From March 4, 2014 SVG will commence the issue of the more secure e-passports, which will be valid for adults for 10 years and for children (under 16) 5 years. There is currently no requirement to update the machine readable version if it is still valid, but upon expiry and renewal the e-passport will be issued.

The new fee structure as of March 4, 2014 for the e-passports is not contained on the downloadable Passport Fees and Requirements link below and is as follows to ensure you submit the correct fees:

PASSPORT FEES - The following fees are non refundable and must accompany each application for a Vincentian passport.

New Passport (Adult) - £75.00 - (processing time from receipt of all required documents 4 - 8 weeks for renewals and approximately 6 months to one year+ for first issue passports).

New Passport (Child under 16) - £40.00 (processing time from receipt of all required documents 4 - 8 weeks renewals and approximately 6 months+ for first issue passports).

Replacement Passport (for passports which are lost/stolen/damaged) - £110.00 plus the fee for a new passport - (Processing and issue of passports which have been reported lost/stolen/damaged must be made in person and may be delayed for up to twelve (12) months).

If passport is lost/stolen/damaged you are required to fill out the following form and submit with your application.

Amendments to Passport (all original documents need to be submitted) - £15.00.

Please note that applications for first time passports and replacements for lost/stolen/damaged passports must be made in person. Please contact the SVG High Commission in London to arrange an appointment and discuss what additional documentation, you must bring with you to your appointment.

In addition, all applications should be submitted with the following fees: Passport Application (Adult) - £10.00 and/or Passport Application (Child) - £7.00 as well as for Secure International Courier for security to and from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - £25.00. Persons resident outside the UK should telephone the Mission since there may be an additional charge.

Emergency Travel Documents - application should be made in person and please call for further information) -£25.00 each way. Persons applying for emergency travel documents will not be issued the document until they have also submitted an application and pay the relevant fees for a new or replacement passport.

When sending important documents to the High Commission by post to support Passport Applications please use ‘Special Delivery’ not ‘Recorded Delivery’. Fees are subject to change.

All Caribbean documents which are submitted to support Vincentian passport applications must be the newer versions of the certificates. Previously persons who applied from outside St Vincent and Grenadines for passports were permitted to submit older versions of such documents. The Passport Office no longer accepts the old style certificates and applicants must obtain the appropriate version of the certificate before submitting their application. For details on how to obtain the latest version of a certificate please contact the relevant Mission.

All passport applications must be accompanied by original supporting documents (e.g. birth certificates, marriage certificates).

Passports should be collected from the Mission in person.

Professionals authorized to certify Vincentian passport application forms (updated for 2014)

1. Barrister
2. Commissioner of Oaths
3. Notary Public
4. General Practitioner/Doctor
5. Optician
6. Dentist
7. Minister of a recognized religion
8. Member of Parliament
9. Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers of the Armed Services
10. Senior Police Officer (Superintendent and up)
11. Solicitor

When sending important documents to the High Commission by post to support Passport Applications please use ‘Special Delivery’ not ‘Recorded Delivery’. Fees are subject to change.


Passport Fees and Requirements | ADULT Passport Application | CHILD Passport Application


Entry Visa:
Most visitors (Non-Nationals) to St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) are not required to apply in advance for an Entry Visa, providing they satisfy immigration officials on arrival that they are a genuine visitor to the country. 

However, persons from the following countries DO require an entry visa prior to arrival in SVG:
Dominican Republic, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Nigeria, People’s Republic of China and Syria.

All entry visa applications and payment in the form of a bank draft made payable to the Accountant General are to be sent to:

Prime Minister’s Office
Entry Visa Department
4th Floor, Administrative Building
Bay Street
St Vincent & the Grenadines
Tel: +1 784 451 2707 Fax: +1 784 457 2152


Entry Requirements | Entry Visa Application

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